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Guide: Model guidance on reporting ESG to investors

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The creation of a new Sustainability Working Group (SWG) in 2013 signaled the industry’s commitment to explore and integrate ESG factors. The SWG is comprised of representatives from a diverse array of 23 global stock exchanges, all working towards consensus on the purpose, practicality, and materiality of ESG and related data. The group creates industry-level recommendations based on original research, public debate, expert analysis and engagement with the broader WFE membership.

The guidance in this document, which SWG leadership and members helped to create, provides a useful and necessary starting point for exchanges in engaging their issuers on ESG. Strategic and transparent ESG practices are as bene cial to exchanges as they are to individual companies. This document provides the rationale for investor and stakeholder engagement on ESG issues, with correlating bottom line impacts, and it also counsels the improvement and harmonisation of management practices.

Exchanges recognise their responsibility to provide orderly and fair market operations. But they also af rm their commitment to the broader principles that underlie the creation of sustainable, transparent and inclusive markets. This document, and subsequent work to foster its adoption, is vital to that af rmation—and vital to the continued health and prosperity of our industry.

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