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Rapport: The female millennial - A new era of talent

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Organisations the world over are facing the challenges that come with vast numbers of millennial talent entering and reshaping the workforce. In parallel, they are also challenged with a lack of women in leadership positions, and fast becoming concerned with the nancial and competitive toll this could mean for their organisations.

In 2011, only 12% of CEOs said they saw poor retention of female talent as a key business challenge over the next three years and only 11% were planning signi cant change to policies aimed at attracting and retaining more female employees. Fast-forward four years, and a growing number of CEOs are concerned with the impact talent diversity means for their business with 64% of CEOs con rming they have a diversity strategy and 13% planning to adopt one over the next 12 months. 

We have reached a signicant turning point; the tide has changed. Talent diversity is identi ed as both a business challenge and an opportunity with CEOs identifying signi cant bene ts arising from diversity and inclusion in their organisations. CEOs have nally woken up to the fact that they have immense talent pools under their noses, which they have failed to fully leverage for too long, with women forming one of the most signi cant talent pools.

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